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Dude, your use of the Tyros is absolutely phenomenal! That guitar part was played like a guitar, and the sax was played just like a sax. Yamaha should totally use this for their 'Kool Funk' style demo ^_^

5/5 nice job

This is a really nice song. The melody is great, along with the chords. I only have one problem with this song and it's the limiter that you have used. The limiter has caused weird effects with your output, so I suggest adjusting your mix so you don't have to use a limiter. Other than that, you did a good job!


ET16 responds:

Thank you I will note your advice

Woah dude, I love this. The melody it amazing and fits with your chords very nicely.

Well done!! 5/5

Andersson187 responds:

Thanks a lot!

Woah!!!! Dude, you rock!!

This orchestral arrangement sounds so real!!

10/10 Easy.

Woah, this is sweet!

I really love the piano melody and the way that it fits with the strings :)
Nice work, keep it up!!


Wolfie responds:

I appreciate the listen. Maybe I'll post the full thing up later this week; stay tuned!

Holy mother of god! This song sounds like that it has descended from music heaven! The piano melody is nice and fits well with the pads. I don't really like the buzzing bass too much :P I think it cuts through your mix way too much, so try cutting off some of the high frequencies. Other than that, this song is great, especially with the tempo change!

Awesome stuff :D

Theledge93 responds:

Thank you! I worked hard on it, but I will certainly take your advice into consideration

Wow, I love your style! That synth riff at 2:16 was AMAZING! Keep up the awesome work. I rate 5/5

Kruizy responds:

Thank you! :D

Man, this is awesome! I would really love to hear a longer version.

Everything about thing song is amazing, especially the drum fills! The only thing stopping me from giving you a full 5 star rating is because I don't really like the ending. It's just a fade-out. Maybe if you did an awesome ending with the drums smashing out on the toms and cymbals while the electric guitar can do a little 6 second ending solo. That's just my suggestion so don't rely on it. Other than that, great song!!

GraveDigger87 responds:

Cool thank you very much! Yeah i'm not big on the fade out endings either; somehow it just seemed like the right thing to do this time around. I do like the idea of a little ending solo, that could be pretty epic.


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